7 Powerful Positive Thinking Techniques

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April 21, 2021

An interesting fact for you, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, according to the National Science Foundation.


However, of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts. If we repeat those negative thoughts, we think negative way more, than we think positive thoughts, which is pretty demotivating.


Think about it, on a personal level, how many times has happened that you felt doomed, that you are not good enough or that you will not be able to cope with certain challenges?!

During difficult times, it’s easy to start to lose faith and believe that nothing will improve.

Everyone has been through situations like this, whether from a broken heart, during the loss of a loved one, unemployment, etc.


But, sometimes we need to go through adversity to have the opportunity to have something better, or even to learn from what happened and correct some point of improvement in us.

The reality is, to be happy, it is important to try to have a more positive and optimistic attitude towards life, but, how is it possible? The truth is that it just depends on a change in the “mental chip”, making your mind go around and everything that you perceive as negative, does not look so bad after all.


If you want to change your life for the better I recommend you these Powerful Seven Positive Thinking Techniques that will certainly help you overcome negative thinking and give you the opportunity to cultivate even more habits and positive thoughts in your life, reaching  positive thinking:

  1. Stop complaining


I would say, the first step to take in order to start thinking positively, is to eliminate the habit of complaining.

Complaining is a mindset and once you spend most of your time complaining about everything that happens to you, it becomes a routine, and you end up living focused only on the bad things, which prevents you from seeing that each adversity is an incredible experience and an opportunity for growth. On top of that, there are several theories by scientists, mental health & medical experts that explain that complaining about everything and everyone negatively alters the brain and that negativity and complaint affect the structure and function of the mind and body.


So I would recommend starting policing yourself and whenever you feel like complaining, stop, reflect, and think about the positive sides of every daily event in your life. Also, perhaps do some deeper thinking and be honest with yourself about the reasons why you are complaining, and put yourself in the shoes of people with severe problems and misfortunes and more often, you will realize how blessed you are.

Over time, I am positive you will feel lighter and will feel many positive changes happening on your evolutionary journey.

  1. Take care of your body by engaging in a healthy routine

Optimistic people know that in addition to stopping complaining, they need to be well, physically, mentally, spiritually, and psychologically, to be able to achieve as much as they want to feel full and fulfilled in their journeys.


Therefore, positive thinking works to make people understand and encourage them to take better care of themselves. Engaging in a healthy routine is proven to bring positive thoughts.

So what can you do exactly?

  • Make sure you visit your doctors regularly, even if you don’t feel sick. Think about your body as an automobile. We take our cars to inspection every year, to make sure all is well so why wouldn’t you want to do the same to your body which is the most important vehicle you have?

  • Exercise is essential. Not going to say you must sign to a gym or run 2 marathons a year, but if you start with small goals, like exercising for just 20 minutes a day is the best way to release endorphins, which in turn will improve your mood.

  • Healthy eating is another key aspect you should focus on if you want to have a healthy body and overall think positively. There are hundreds and hundreds of studies and scientific research that claims that healthy eating may be best achieved with a plant-based wholesome diet which is a regiment that encourages whole, plant-based foods and discourages any animal products as well as all refined and processed foods.

  • Avoid anything that poisons and hurts your body such as alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, and any types of narcotics.

  • Last but not least, sleep at least 8h a day. Sleep is a vital and often neglected, component of every person’s overall health and well-being. Sleep is essential because it enables the body to repair and be ready and fit for another day.


  1. Take care of your mind by practicing mindfulness 

Taking care of our bodies is crucial as discussed, but research has found time and time again that taking care of ourselves mentally is as essential. Yoga and meditation can influence our happiness and train our brain to be more positive. But there’s other ways that can contribute to your wellbeing. An easy exercise is to set up an alarm a few times a day and when it buzzes, stop for 1 minute and take a few deep breaths. I am also a fan of having my daily walk where I get to switch off from the world, even if for 10minutes. To listen to classical music or other types can also do wonders to your mind.

All this might sound rather insignificant but the truth is these small breaks and treats will train your brain to be more balanced and will bring more positivity into your life.

  1. Make a difference with one small act of kindness at a time 

Once we stop focusing on ourselves and start looking at other people around the world, we can realize how privileged we are, so one of my biggest tips for you to have even more positive thoughts is to make little acts of kindness. There are countless children, the elderly, animals, etc that need assistance, and helping others will allow you to feel useful and make a difference in someone’s life, even if it is with a minimal attitude. What you give to people around you matters a lot as generosity, in all areas, is a fight against negativity, as it demonstrates that good deeds exist and can be born in any circumstance. So lend a helping hand to that old neighbor, offer to carry or even do their grocery shopping to them. Help that friend that is about to move or donate some time or money to a cause that means to you and spread positivity.

But it is important not to expect any kind of recognition or reward, because the way others react to your help may not live up to your expectations, generate frustration and feed pessimism.

  1. Erase negative self-talking 

There are certain words and ideas that can run in your mind constantly which eventually can turn into negative views that stick into your head.

But how can you fight it? Whenever you are overwhelmed by negative thoughts, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and focus on good memories, achievements, and people who bring positive energies into your life.

You can also try to stay as busy as possible as it’s easier to get away from negative energy. Another way to ward off negative thinking is to focus on other activities. Reading practice is excellent for that as it takes your thinking to other spheres and stimulates creativity and imagination. Also, reading is a great ally for those who have insomnia, helping to forget some problems and conflicts of their day, relaxing their body, and inducing a night of peaceful sleep.

And do not be carried away by moments of crisis or by small defeats of daily life. Be optimistic and keep your self-motivation.


          6. Surround yourself with positive people 

Who we hang with are somehow responsible for helping to maintain our spirits and support when we go through difficult situations. If you maintain a bond with a negative group, you will naturally be bombarded with negative ideas and solutions.


By maintaining a positive social circle, moving away from pessimistic people, you are more likely to receive good encouragement to deal with situations that require greater effort. As they say, those who have good friends have everything. So make sure you select your companies wisely to ward off negative thinking.


If you are not able to deal with negative thinking alone, or if this is causing damage to your life, preventing you from having a quality of life and being able to act and react to everyday situations, seek help from an expert such as a psychologist or therapist. It will help to understand and deal with negative thinking, establishing healthy ways to deal with fear and avoid negativity, during the therapeutic process.

7. Be Truly Grateful


Being upset at the world won’t do you any good, in fact, when you focus on the bad, it will make your perspective more negative and destructive. Instead, being grateful and thankful for what you have and what you have achieved is a great way to embrace a more positive attitude.

Having gratitude is by far one of the best ways to feel positive and consequently have a successful life.

Whether you are grateful for having a roof under your head, have food to eat, family and friends you can count on, a job that offers you what you need to live, among other things, makes you more optimistic. And even if you don’t have any of that, I truly believe that you should reflect and you will realize that you have something, big or small, that gives you reasons to be thankful and motivated to keep going, even if it is the simple fact that you are alive.

The truth is that being grateful activates the pineal gland and helps the body produce dopamine. Dopamine recovers the feeling of well-being and prevents psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression.

To make it more effective, I recommend a simple exercise: every morning when you wake up, write down (on a diary, the notes on your phone, an app, etc) at least three things you are grateful for, and perhaps even repeat the same process before going to bed, and write down three things you were grateful for in that day. By making it a habit hopefully it turns into a routine that focuses on all the things you have in life, not on those that are missing. And remember, when attention is focused on gratitude, what we are grateful for will expand into the Universe so don’t let your negative thoughts jeopardize your shining moments as what is positive in your life deserves a thank you from your soul.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with all these techniques and feel comfortable adding them slowly into your routine.

I genuinely believe that from these tips, your reality will be transformed positively and that you will achieve what you so long for in your life. All of this, through positive thinking.

And if you liked this content, I invite you to leave a comment, telling me what you think and what you do to cultivate positive thinking every day, to share it on your social networks, and to continue following us, because, daily a novelty to make your life even more positive and optimistic.

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