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Integrative Mindfulness Based Therapy (IMBT) is a new Clinical Psychology and Therapy Practice, based in Central London.

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Comprehensive Clinical Practice

IMBT is one of the few practices to offer all psychological services in-house. No need to see various unrelated professionals for your therapy, coaching and medico-legal needs when everything can be done with us.

Genuine Registered Psychologists

You can be sure that your psychologist is genuine by confirming their registration as a Practitioner Psychologist and Chartered Psychologist via the Health & Care Professions Council and the British Psychological Society websites respectively.

Client-Centred Approach

IMBT has provided psychological services with every client group in all clinical and non-clinical settings across the age and culture range. We practice within a strictly profesional and ethical, bio-psycho-social framework. Our domiciliary (home) visit service at no extra cost around Greater London meets the needs of all medical and non-medical clients.


Brief Introduction To Mindfulness

Meta-cognition or self-regulation is the psychological awareness of ourselves in an objective sense in relation to situations and events in life.

There is a wealth of intelligence and positive qualities within and around us that can be ignored and overlooked. We can also be preoccupied with any perceived deficits within and around us that can hinder our development and transformation.

This meta-cognitive discussion brings us to Mindfulness as both a path towards and an immediate way to realise our true self, free from the false self and its limitations.

The perfect practice involves:

  • Present moment awareness of all our senses on internal and external stimuli and letting go of the past and future in favour of the present.
  • Unbiased and non-judgmental awareness and appreciation of all perceived stimuli objects (both internal and external) in our awareness. Objects in this sense are everything in our own awareness both externally as well as our own thoughts, feelings and bodies. Unbiased and non-judgmental in this sense means not judging individual thoughts or perceptions as good or bad but rather as normal manifestations such as clouds in the sky. Peace of mind like a clear sky is always temporary. Thoughts like clouds are to be acknowledged without judgment and then allowed to pass freely from consciousness.
  • Techniques such as focussing on the sensation of breathing in the present moment are powerful introductory exercises and meditations. Taking mindful walks and savouring all of the senses is another example. This process can be extended and incorporated into all aspects of life until present moments awareness and true wakefulness becomes unconscious.

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Our Consultation Room is in City of London, short walk from London Bridge Station. Click here for Google Maps: Find IMBT on map

We offer Domicillary (Home) Appointments in Greater London at the Additional Fee.

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Integrative Mindfulness Based Therapy™

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