Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders are Clinical Diagnoses referring to various specific types of Psychological and Behavioural Patterns.

That are relatively rigid and inflexible over time as well as Pervasive across various Contexts and enduring since Early Adulthood.

Borderline / Emotionally Unstable Personality is primarily characterised by unstable Self-image and feelings of Emptiness and / or Worthlessness as well as significant recurrent Self-Harming Behaviours.

The Therapeutic Approach of Personality Disorder Therapy Treatment involves teaching Mindfulness and other Psychological Techniques as well as Behavioural approaches to facilitating more effective Emotional Regulation.

Self-Harming Behaviour can have a variety of different motivations and rewards for an Individual. Part of the Therapeutic Process is to Functionally Assess any Clinically Significant Self-Harming Behaviours and to facilitate replacing these with other more suitable and effective Behaviours that achieve the same or similar Result for the Individual.

Narcissistic Personality is characterised by an excessive outward focus on achievements, success and 'Superiority' as a Psychological Defence against underlying feelings of Low Self-Esteem. Perfectionism is a significant associated aspect of the Narcissistic Personality type that can negatively effect Thoughts and Behaviours. If left untreated, Clinically Significant Narcissistic Thoughts and Behaviours are likely to cause Interpersonal Relationship Problems and / or other more serious issues for the Individual.

Antisocial Personality includes Psychopathic and / or Sociopathic Personality traits. These can have a significantly negative impact on the life of the Individual and Those around them, due to being relatively out of touch with Social and Behavioural Norms as well as a high prevalence of Criminal Behaviour.

Specific Mindfulness and other Psychological approaches as well as Behavioural approaches including Therapeutic Social Modelling can effectively improve the Social Functioning of Clients suffering from Personality Disorders, including Narcissistic and Antisocial, and can reduce any significantly destructive and maladaptive Thoughts and Behaviours.