Relationships (Couple & Family)

IMBT facilitates improved Communication and understanding between Family members and Relationship Partners.

In these forms of Therapies and depending on the kinds of Presenting Issues, we may work with Couples and Families as a whole, or with specific Individuals.

The Initial Assessment phase will usually require the presence of the whole Family or Couple. Then depending on the nature of the problems, it will be decided together how best to progress with Therapy.

IMBT's Therapeutic orientation is based on a thorough grasp of Systemic Environmental Theory. We do not to stigmatise any one Family member or Individual in a Couple as being the specific 'problem' or 'patient'.

Instead we understand that there are always various different and equally valid realities and viewpoints involved within Families and Relationships and how best to cater for Everyone’s needs within the Therapeutic Process. This facilitates improved Communication and understanding for all members.