Psychosis may refer to various short term or enduring Psychotic Mental Health issues.

This includes short term Psychotic Episodes associated with Substance Use, Complicated Bereavement and Clinical Mood Disorders including Bipolar & Depression. It also includes Schizophrenia and other long term Psychotic Disorders.

The primary Psychological Symptoms of Psychosis can be divided into two groups: 'Positive' Psychotic Symptoms and 'Negative' Psychotic Symptoms.

Positive Symptoms include Hallucinations (unreal Sensory Perceptions) and Delusions (unreal Thoughts or Beliefs).

Negative Symptoms describe Symptoms of Cognitive Impairment affecting Attention and Concentration, Memory and Physical Functioning (similar to severe Clinical Depression).

The various Symptoms of Psychosis can be controlled and managed by a combination of Therapy and correct Medication.

IMBT employs specific Cognitive, Behavioural and Mindfulness Techniques, together with correct Systemic interventions and Medical liaison to ensure effective Psychosis Therapy Treatment.