Life & Business Coaching

IMBT supports Individuals, Professionals and Companies from all areas and backgrounds to Maximise their Potential.

Some Individuals, Professionals and Companies have specific Goals in mind that IMBT helps them to achieve.

Various strategies and approaches are employed, including Mindfulness Techniques and other Psychological, Behavioural methods, Systemic interventions as well as Physical / Biological approaches.

Other Clients may be aware that there is something more to life that they are currently missing out on. Such Existential problems can be successfully resolved within the creative alliance of IMBT’s Coaching Relationships.

It is normal for Individuals and Businesses to occasionally experience a sense of Stagnation. Although they may be aware of not achieving their Full Potentials, they might not yet have specific Goals in mind.

We use the sum of our Knowledge and Expertise within the Creative Therapeutic Alliance to progress Individuals and Companies beyond their currently realised Goals and Achievements.

Coaching also includes Confidence and Self-Identity Building.