Anxiety and Stress are perhaps the most commonly reported Bio-Psycho-Social issues.

Although Anxiety does have some beneficial functions such as Motivating Behavior, if it becomes excessive and unmanageable it can manifest in more serious issues and Mental Health Conditions.

There are a variety of ways to manage and treat Stress & Anxiety including Psychological, Behavioural, Systemic and Physical / Biological approaches to Anxiety Therapy Treatment.

Psychological approaches include Minfdulness Techniques in the case of Generalised Anxiety and Stress.

Graded Exposure and Desensitisation are effective Behavioral approaches in the case of particular Anxiety and Stress provoking Stimuli e.g. Phobias.
Systemic or Environmental Interventions are effective ways of Normalising and reducing certain forms of Anxiety and Stress.
Examples of Physical Interventions include correct Nutrition, Physical Exercise, Physical Contact and correct Dietary Supplementation.
Occasionally Medications are appropriate for particular Clinical Psychological and Psychiatric Symptoms.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) refers to patterns of Obsessions (Recurrent Thoughts) and Compulsions (Recurrent Behaviours) that are accompanied by significant Anxiety.

Examples include Repetitive Intrusive Thoughts and the feeling of having to engage in particular Repetitive Behaviours such as Cleansing, Hoarding or excessive Routines etc. associated with significant Anxiety. Mindfulness and other Psychological techniques as well as Behavioural approaches, Systemic support and sometimes Physical / Biological approaches can effectively reduce Obsessions, Compulsions and their associated Anxiety.

IMBT supports Clients of all ages to overcome specific Phobias. We use Cognitive Psychological Techniques including Mindfulness as well as Behavioural techniques of Graded Exposure and Desensitisation to help Clients overcome feared Stimuli.

The Therapeutic Process for Phobias begins with developing Clients’ Understanding and use of Mindfulness and other Psychological and Behavioural Techniques.
In due course, We accompany Clients on Mindful Walks to facilitate familiarity and comfort with previously Anxiety provoking Stimuli, including Animals and Objects.

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