about IMBT

About the Clinical Director

Clinical Director and founder of IMBT, Matthew Akal (CPsychol AFBPsS), is a British Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society with over 15 years experience.

He qualified Cum Laude at Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine in South Africa and developed his practice in both South Africa and U.K., achieving Chartered Status with the British Psychological Society in 2012.

Matthew has helped many Individuals, Families and Couples, Professionals and Businesses from all Ethnic and Cultural backgrounds across all Clinical and Non-Clinical settings to achieve their Full Potential.

He follows an Integrative approach to Clients' Health and Wellness that acknowledges all aspects of life as well as the Creative and Healing potential inside Each of us.

Therapy is essentially a personal journey towards Wholeness. Matthew describes the Therapeutic aspect of his practice as Facilitating the Personally Creative and Healing journey of others.

Below is a link to Matthew's Medico-Legal Curriculum Vitae:


What Is IMBT?

Integrative Mindfulness Based Therapy (IMBT) is a new Clinical Psychology and Therapy Practice, based in Central London.

IMBT's approach is integrative, combining the modern Primary Psychological Schools of Psychodynamics, Humanistics, Cognitive Behavioural approaches (CBT & DBT), Narrative and Systems Theory, Positive Psychology and Neuropsychology - all based on the Mindfulness approaches of The Great Wisdom Traditions.

We practice from a Mindful Bio-Psycho-Social Psychological approach to Psychological Assessment, Formulation, Treatments, Health and Wellness.

IMBT is registered to the highest International Standards of Professional and Ethical Psychology. Our practice is Evidence Based and has been proven to Facilitate Creative Therapeutic Change in a Time-Efficient process.

Change can often happen Instantaneously when we are in the right Environment. IMBT Facilitates Creative Change through a Powerful Time-Efficient and Profound experience based Personal and Human interaction.