People ‘Self-Medicate’ in different ways via their Behaviour Patterns

What they consume on a regular basis. Addiction can be referred to as a significant repetitive Pattern of Behavior that has, to some or other degree, become excessive and is having an unhealthy effect on the Mind and Body.

There are a variety of Addiction Therapy Treatment including Mindfulness and other Psychological Techniques, Behavioural approaches, Systemic Environmental support and Physical / Biological Interventions.

Psychological approaches to managing Addictions include specific Mindfulness Techniques for developing Self, Present Moment, Emotional and Sensory Awareness and Connectedness.

Behavioural approaches include gradual Supported Transitions / Behavioural Changes similar to Graded Exposure and Desensitization as well as Behavioral Activation (see Anxiety and Depression).

Social Support Groups can be highly effective for treating Addiction, via ‘Normalising’ and ‘Containing’ unpleasant Psychological and Physical Side-Effects of Withdrawal and the deeper underlying causes of Addictions as well as providing Support, Encouragement and Motivation for Therapy.

Physical Exercise, Nutrition and correct Supplementation are effective approaches to restoring Mind / Body Health and Balance.

Occasionally Medications are appropriate for supporting the Therapeutic Process with any particularly significant Side-Effects of Withdrawal.