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April 22, 2021
Matthew Akal Psychologist
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November 16, 2022

Based in Central London, IMBT Ltd is a comprehensive psychological consultation, assessment, treatment and coaching practice. In light of their recent success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we got in touch with Clinical Director Matthew Akal to discover more about its extraordinary offerings.

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Founded in 2017, IMBT Ltd works tirelessly to improve the mental health of individuals, couples and families.

To provide us with more insight, Clinical Director Matthew Akal elaborates further on some of the firm’s areas of expertise. “Here at Integrative Mindfulness Based Therapy (IMBT), we provide a full range of services including coaching, therapy and clinical psychology in order to help and support clients from all walks of like achieve their full potential. Right from the start we’ve been evidence based, with a focus on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to help us achieve our goals through a time-efficient process. However, as the mind is not all about quantitative science, we’re also holistic and integrative, drawing on other schools of thought including humanistic and narrative approaches”.

With its competitors in the psychology field always looking to improve, the firm aims to stay at the forefront of the industry by focusing on strengthening the mental performance of its clients. Matthew adds, “Most people will experience some form of mental health problem in their lives. Moreover, it’s likely that when they find the right combination of support, self-care, sustainable goals and outcomes things will improve. As much as we need specific physical movements and exercises to build bodily strength, agility and resilience, we can also benefit from mental practices and exercises to strengthen the mind. Naturally then, by providing individual coaching, therapy and curated courses on how to deal with stress and burnout, we introduce mindfulness into everyday life”.

Previously, Matthew has been heavily involved in the research of trauma, something which he is proud to share with us today. “Having been employed up to consultant grade in the UK public sector and practiced for over 10 years in the NHS, Local Authority and Ministry of Defence, I have gained significant experience in the diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic stress, complex trauma and associated mental health conditions. Additionally, I have also had research on child sexual abuse published”.

According to the World Health Organisation, deteriorating mental health is one of the most serious health challenges following the outbreak of COVID-19. Naturally then, in its attempts to support its clients, the firm will continue to focus on mindful meditation. “Mindful meditation has the potential to re-wire and hard-wire our brains through neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is a natural process that occurs throughout our lives and it involves the formation of new neural pathways in the brain. Re-wiring means we can establish new neural connections and pathways between different parts of our brain to support new faculties. Hard-wiring means these new neural networks and pathways can be made permanent, so that the benefits are still going on in the background, even when people are not actively engaged in meditation.

According to various neuro-science studies using different neuro-imaging techniques, there are a number of benefits that have been identified across the board when people meditate. The benefits are not only observed in long-term meditators who have been practising for decades, but also after just an eight week meditation course. So, our aim is to support our individual and corporate clients on their journey to mindfulness. The increase in the number of people coming for therapy or enquiring about mindfulness sessions to cope with post-pandemic burnout just shows the challenge we’re currently facing”.

Moving forward, innovation will play a significant role at IMBT as the firm attempts to develop technology that will help clients self-asses their mental health state. Matthew adds, “The launch of our exclusive new screening app ‘MoodWave’ this year is very exciting particularly as the app will help manage stress, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress”.

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